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Acex '19

Celebrating Fifteen Years

We are so happy to be celebrating 15 years of impactful music and lifelong friendships! Thank you for joining us for this eventful evening. Give a warm welcome to our three amazing guest groups! You can find out more about them below. We hope you enjoy the show! 

~ No Comment '18 - '19


From Niles West High School

Tonal Eclipse is a coed group consisting of 14 fun, loving, creative members. The variety of music, tones and styles capture the group as whole. Always feeding off the audience's energy and positive vibes, they are guaranteed to rock the stage!



Formed in the desolate cornfields of DeKalb, Illinois in the Fall of 2011, the NIU Huskie Hunks have developed into a nationally recognized group as they have advanced to ICCA semifinals twice in the group's history and recently placed third at their Quarterfinal this past month. The group is made up of fourteen members, ranging from freshmen to super seniors with a variety of different majors, but one goal in common: to rock their audiences’ pants off with electric harmonies and robotically precise choreography. In their free time, these Hunky gentlemen love to spot each others’ deadlifts, eat way too much Vinny’s pizza, and have totally-not-weird sleepovers.



From Northern Illinois University

As a mid-size, general practice law firm, consisting of experienced attorneys, Hunt, Aranda & Subach, Ltd. offers a full range of quality legal services to clients in all Chicagoland as well as throughout northeastern Illinois.

Amazin’ Blue is the oldest co-ed a cappella group at the University of Michigan, where it has existed through 6 U.S. presidents, the end of Soviet Russia, and the rise and fall of pop supergroup, Milli Vanilli. 30 years of existence carries with it many transformations, but the core principles of AB remain the same: Take care of each other, take creative risks, and take a few theatre kids. They are proud to represent U-M at competitions like ICCA (the International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella) and the upcoming BOSS (Boston Sings) on April 12th. But beyond competing and performing, AB’s ultimate goal is to inspire a love of a cappella in their audiences.



From University of Michigan

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