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Phil Kim

Phil Kim (He/Him) 2nd Year Graduate Student Vocal Percussion Social Work

Hillary Collins (They/Them)

Hillary Collins (They/Them) Sophomore Alto II Sociology + Gender, Women, & Sexuality Studies + Legal Studies minor

Cait Egan

Cait Egan (She/Her) Senior Soprano I President Kinesiology

Tony Maggio

Tony Maggio (He/Him) Tenor I Junior Acting

lexi main

Lexi Ippolito (She/her) Senior Soprano II PR/Brand Manager Computer Science + Crop Sciences

Lee Susara

Lee Susara (He/Him) Freshman Tenor Physics

Olivia Klonoski

Olivia Klonoski (She/Her) Senior Soprano II Business Manager Social Work + Adult Development minor

ethan black shoot

Ethan Tu (He/Him) Sophomore Baritone Treasurer Pre-med Chemistry

hayley all black

Hayley Stachniak (She/Her) Junior Alto II Co-Music Director Lyric Theatre (Creative Concentration)

Nick Benjamin

Nick Benjamin (He/Him) Senior Tenor I Co-Music Director Music Education

Tiya Kumar

Tiya Kumar (She/her) Freshman Alto I Brain and Cognitive Sciences

Mitchell Lazarow

Mitchell Lazarow (She/Her) 1st Year Graduate Student Baritone Atmospheric Science

Riya Sudana

Riya Sudana (She/Her) Sophomore Alto Information Systems and Supply Chain Management

Ella Walker

Ella Walker (She/Her) Freshman Soprano II Communication

Ajay Gustafson

Ajay Gustafson (He/Him) Junior Bass Chemical Engineering

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